Preparing for the Tests


The content knowledge assessed on the ILTS tests is described in the test frameworks, which are sets of objectives/standards on which the tests are based. Test frameworks are available by selecting "Prepare" on the ILTS website. We highly recommend that examinees review the frameworks as a first step when preparing to take any test.

Study Guides

Study guides for all of the ILTS tests are available online by selecting "Prepare" on the ILTS website. These guides are designed to help you prepare for the tests.

Preparing for the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP)

In addition to the study guide, the following materials are available to examinees preparing for the TAP:

Interactive practice test. $17.95 for individual practice tests, $29.95 for the bundle of all three practice tests (Reading Comprehension, Language Arts and Writing, and Mathematics). A full-length interactive practice test is available for the TAP. The practice test includes:

Expanded study guide. $19.95. The expanded study guide features instructional content and review exercises. The expanded study guide includes:

For more information about these resources, see "Prepare" on the ILTS website.

CBT Tutorials

CBT Tutorials. These tutorials can give you a sense of what you will see when you begin your test at a Pearson Professional Center. The tutorials are available by selecting "Prepare" on the ILTS website.

Pearson Professional Centers Tour. The Pearson Professional Centers Tour gives candidates taking the ILTS on computer a virtual tour of a Pearson Professional Center. It includes a video and floorplan to help acquaint the candidate with the Pearson Professional Centers testing experience. Select "Prepare" on the ILTS website to view this tour.