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Internet Registration

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to the amount of time required to process a registration, you may not be able to schedule an appointment to test if you register within three calendar days of the day on which you plan to test.
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Privacy Policy

Because of laws protecting confidentiality and privacy, only you can register yourself for a test or make inquiries regarding your registration or test scores.

Evaluation Systems takes reasonable precautions to protect the integrity of your personal information provided in connection with the registration process, as well as any information generated internally that is specifically pertinent to you, and to keep this information secure.

Your private information will not be made available to anyone but you; Evaluation Systems and ISBE (including the employees, agents, contractors, or professional advisors of Evaluation Systems and ISBE); the entitling entity(ies) you indicate in your registration; and any institution, entity, or person required or authorized by law or rules to receive this information. Scores received after September 30, 2010, will be available to any Illinois entitling entity with an approved educator preparation program.