Field 299: Marriage and Family Therapy

Alignment of Test Framework Objectives with State and National Standards

Illinois Licensure Testing System Framework Objectives for Marriage and Family Therapy State Board of Education Rules-Title 23 of the Illinois Administrative Code – 23.150
Subarea I: Human Development, Learning, and Diversity
0001 Understand theories and processes of human growth, development, and learning.a.1 A-J; a.2 A-I
0002 Understand diversity, cultural differences, and multiculturally informed approaches.f.1 A-H, f.2 A-F
Subarea II: Assessment, Services, and Interventions
0003 Understand assessment principles, practices, and tools used within academic settings.b.1 A-F, b.2 A-G
0004 Understand school-based systems theory and practices for working with families and others to provide comprehensive services for students and families.c.1 A-B, c.2 A-C
0005 Understand interventions in schools and crisis intervention in school and family environments.d.1 A-F, d.2 A-I
Subarea III: The Professional Environment
0006 Understand consultative and collaborative relationships and how these relationships support students' development, learning, and well-being.e.1 A-H, e.2 A-I
0007 Understand legal, ethical, and social responsibility issues and professional guidelines for school marriage and family therapists.g.1 A-C, g.2 A-E


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