Special Notice

Score reports for the new Principal as Instructional Leader Subtests I and II and the new APT test will be posted after the Illinois State Board of Education has approved new passing standards. At this time, scores for examinees who take these tests between September 8th and November 30th are tentatively scheduled to be posted on December 12, 2014.

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  • Jul16
    The Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT) Pre–K through Grade 12 and Principal as Instructional Leader tests have been redeveloped for the 2014–2015 program year…read more
  • Jul16
    ISBE adopts the NES Gifted Education test…read more
  • May29
    Five-time ILTS Test Limit Eliminated: The five-time test limit on all Illinois Licensure Exams has been eliminated. Beginning June 12, 2014, examinees who have failed a particular ILTS test five times or more may register to take the test again…read more
  • Jan8
    All ILTS tests will be offered only on computer as of August 2015…read more