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Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS)


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Beginning in 2015, the APT licensure requirement is transitioning to edTPA. Learn more about this requirement.

What tests do I need to take? Read about which tests are required for licensure in Illinois.

Information about each test. Get specific information about a test, including when and where you can take the test, and access preparation materials by selecting the test from the following tables.

Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP)

Test CodeTest
400Test of Academic Proficiency

Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT) Pre–K through Grade 12

Test CodeTest
188Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT) Pre–K through Grade 12

Content Area Tests

Test CodeTest
170Agricultural Education (last test date 1/21/18)
215Agricultural Education (first test date 1/22/18)
171Business, Marketing, and Computer Education
038Computer Science
141Drama/Theatre Arts
107Early Childhood Education (last test date 1/21/18)
206Early Childhood Education (first test date 1/22/18)
152Early Childhood Special Education
197–200Elementary Education (Grades 1–6)
110Elementary/Middle Grades
125English as a New Language
111English Language Arts (last test date 5/13/18)
207English Language Arts (first test date 5/14/18)
172Family and Consumer Sciences
312Gifted Education (NES®)
173Health Careers
142Health Education (last test date 1/21/18)
211Health Education (first test date 1/22/18)
155Learning Behavior Specialist I
175Library Information Specialist
115Mathematics (last test date 5/13/18)
208Mathematics (first test date 5/14/18)
201Middle Grades (5–8) Language Arts
202Middle Grades (5–8) Mathematics
203Middle Grades (5–8) Science
204Middle Grades (5–8) Social Science
143Music (143)
144Physical Education
176Reading Specialist (last test date 1/21/18)
221Reading Specialist (first test date 1/22/18)
177Reading Teacher
181School Counselor
182School Nurse
183School Psychologist (last test date 1/21/18)
237School Psychologist (first test date 1/22/18)
184School Social Worker
105Science: Biology
106Science: Chemistry
108Science: Earth and Space Science
112Science: Environmental Science
116Science: Physics
109Social Science: Economics (last test date 5/13/18)
244Social Science: Economics (first test date 5/14/18)
113Social Science: Geography (last test date 5/13/18)
245Social Science: Geography (first test date 5/14/18)
114Social Science: History (last test date 5/13/18)
246Social Science: History (first test date 5/14/18)
117Social Science: Political Science (last test date 5/13/18)
247Social Science: Political Science (first test date 5/14/18)
118Social Science: Psychology (last test date 5/13/18)
248Social Science: Psychology (first test date 5/14/18)
121Social Science: Sociology and Anthropology (last test date 5/13/18)
249Social Science: Sociology and Anthropology (first test date 5/14/18)
163Special Education General Curriculum Test
154Speech-Language Pathologist: Nonteaching
153Speech-Language Pathologist: Teaching
150Teacher of Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired
151Teacher of Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
174Technology Education (last test date 1/21/18)
219Technology Education (first test date 1/22/18)
178Technology Specialist
145Visual Arts

Content-Area Tests (Administrator)

Test CodeTest
185Chief School Business Official
180Director of Special Education
195/196Principal as Instructional Leader
187Superintendent (last test date 1/21/18)
225Superintendent (first test date 1/22/18)

Foreign Language Content-Area Tests

These tests are for individuals seeking foreign language teaching endorsements.

Test CodeTest
137Foreign Language: Arabic
136Foreign Language: Chinese (Cantonese)
126Foreign Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
127Foreign Language: French
128Foreign Language: German
129Foreign Language: Hebrew
130Foreign Language: Italian
131Foreign Language: Japanese
132Foreign Language: Korean
133Foreign Language: Latin
134Foreign Language: Russian
135Foreign Language: Spanish

Language Proficiency Tests for an Educator License with Stipulations Endorsed as Transitional Bilingual

These tests are for individuals seeking transitional bilingual endorsements, bilingual endorsements, or bilingual approvals.

Test CodeTest
055English Language Proficiency
057Target Language Proficiency—Arabic
071Target Language Proficiency—Assyrian
072Target Language Proficiency—Bosnian
070Target Language Proficiency—Bulgarian
085Target Language Proficiency—Burmese
058Target Language Proficiency—Cantonese
074Target Language Proficiency—Filipino
059Target Language Proficiency—Greek
060Target Language Proficiency—Gujarati
061Target Language Proficiency—Hindi
062Target Language Proficiency—Japanese
063Target Language Proficiency—Korean
064Target Language Proficiency—Lao
086Target Language Proficiency—Lithuanian
084Target Language Proficiency—Malayalam
065Target Language Proficiency—Mandarin
087Target Language Proficiency—Nepali
066Target Language Proficiency—Polish
090Target Language Proficiency—Portuguese
067Target Language Proficiency—Russian
073Target Language Proficiency—Serbian
056Target Language Proficiency—Spanish
089Target Language Proficiency—Telugu
088Target Language Proficiency—Ukrainian
068Target Language Proficiency—Urdu
069Target Language Proficiency—Vietnamese

Learning Behavior Specialist II (LBS II) Tests

Test CodeTest
156Learning Behavior Specialist II: Behavior Intervention Specialist
157Learning Behavior Specialist II: Bilingual Special Education Specialist
158Learning Behavior Specialist II: Curriculum Adaptation Specialist
159Learning Behavior Specialist II: Deaf-Blind Specialist
160Learning Behavior Specialist II: Multiple Disabilities Specialist
161Learning Behavior Specialist II: Technology Specialist
162Learning Behavior Specialist II: Transition Specialist