What tests do I need to take? Read about which tests are required for licensure in Illinois.

Information about each test. Get specific information about a test, including when and where you can take the test, and access preparation materials by selecting the test from the following tables.

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All candidates seeking initial teacher licensure in Illinois must take and pass edTPA link opens in a new window®.

Content Area Tests

Test CodeTest
215Agricultural Education
171Business, Marketing, and Computer Education (for testing through 7/31/2022)
216Business, Marketing, and Computer Education (first test administration 8/3/2020)
038Computer Science (for testing through 7/31/2022)
205Computer Science (first test administration 8/3/2020)
141Drama/Theatre Arts (for testing through 7/31/2022)
210Drama/Theatre Arts (first test administration 8/3/2020)
206Early Childhood Education
152Early Childhood Special Education
305Elementary Education (Grades 1–6)
250English as a New Language
207English Language Arts
217Family and Consumer Sciences
298General Middle Grades (5–8)
312Gifted Education (NES®)
173Health Careers
211Health Education
155Learning Behavior Specialist I (for testing through 6/4/2023)
290Learning Behavior Specialist I (first test administration 6/6/2022)
220Library Information Specialist
299Marriage and Family Therapy (first test administration 6/6/2022)
201Middle Grades (5–8) Language Arts
202Middle Grades (5–8) Mathematics
203Middle Grades (5–8) Science
204Middle Grades (5–8) Social Science
144Physical Education (for testing through 7/31/2022)
213Physical Education (first test administration 8/3/2020)
221Reading Specialist
222Reading Teacher
235School Counselor
236School Nurse
237School Psychologist
184School Social Worker (for testing through 7/31/2022)
238School Social Worker (first test administration 8/3/2020)
105Science: Biology (for testing through 7/31/2022)
239Science: Biology (first test administration 8/3/2020)
106Science: Chemistry (for testing through 7/31/2022)
240Science: Chemistry (first test administration 8/3/2020)
108Science: Earth and Space Science (for testing through 7/31/2022)
241Science: Earth and Space Science (first test administration 8/3/2020)
112Science: Environmental Science (for testing through 7/31/2022)
242Science: Environmental Science (first test administration 8/3/2020)
116Science: Physics (for testing through 7/31/2022)
243Science: Physics (first test administration 8/3/2020)
244Social Science: Economics
245Social Science: Geography
246Social Science: History
247Social Science: Political Science
248Social Science: Psychology
249Social Science: Sociology and Anthropology
163Special Education General Curriculum Test (for testing through 6/4/2023)
154Speech-Language Pathologist: Nonteaching (for testing through 7/31/2022)
232Speech-Language Pathologist: Nonteaching (first test administration 8/3/2020)
150Teacher of Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired (for testing through 6/4/2023)
228Teacher of Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired (first test administration 6/6/2022)
151Teacher of Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
219Technology Education
223Technology Specialist
145Visual Arts (for testing through 7/31/2022)
214Visual Arts (first test administration 8/3/2020)

Content-Area Tests (Administrator)

Foreign/World Language Content-Area Tests

These tests are for individuals seeking foreign language teaching endorsements.

Language Proficiency Tests for an Educator License with Stipulations Endorsed as Transitional Bilingual

These tests are for individuals seeking transitional bilingual endorsements, bilingual endorsements, or bilingual approvals.

Test CodeTest
055English Language Proficiency
057Target Language Proficiency—Arabic
071Target Language Proficiency—Assyrian
072Target Language Proficiency—Bosnian
070Target Language Proficiency—Bulgarian
085Target Language Proficiency—Burmese
058Target Language Proficiency—Cantonese
310Target Language Proficiency—Chin (Haka)
311Target Language Proficiency—Ewe
074Target Language Proficiency—Filipino
091Target Language Proficiency—French
059Target Language Proficiency—Greek
060Target Language Proficiency—Gujarati
061Target Language Proficiency—Hindi
062Target Language Proficiency—Japanese
094Target Language Proficiency—Kanjobal
095Target Language Proficiency—Karen (S'gaw)
309Target Language Proficiency—Kirundi (Rundi)
063Target Language Proficiency—Korean
064Target Language Proficiency—Lao
086Target Language Proficiency—Lithuanian
312Target Language Proficiency—Malay
084Target Language Proficiency—Malayalam
065Target Language Proficiency—Mandarin
307Target Language Proficiency—Mongolian
087Target Language Proficiency—Nepali
066Target Language Proficiency—Polish
090Target Language Proficiency—Portuguese
313Target Language Proficiency—Rohingya (Ruwainggya)
067Target Language Proficiency—Russian
073Target Language Proficiency—Serbian
308Target Language Proficiency—Somali
056Target Language Proficiency—Spanish
093Target Language Proficiency—Swahili
092Target Language Proficiency—Tamil
089Target Language Proficiency—Telugu
088Target Language Proficiency—Ukrainian
068Target Language Proficiency—Urdu
069Target Language Proficiency—Vietnamese
306Target Language Proficiency—Yoruba

Learning Behavior Specialist II (LBS II) Tests

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