Understanding Your Test Results

ILTS Tests

An individual's performance on an ILTS test is evaluated against an established standard. The passing score for each test, established by ISBE, is based on the professional judgments and recommendations of Illinois educators regarding the acceptable level of performance for educators.

ISBE periodically reviews passing scores. The required total test scores may be changed as a result of Board action. Examinees will be advised via their score reports of any change to the passing requirement.

All test scores are reported using a range from 100 to 300 with a total test score of 240 or higher required for passing.

Gifted Education (NES®)

For the Gifted Education test, the Illinois State Board of Education has set a scaled passing score of 220.

For the Gifted Education test, examinee performance is evaluated against an established standard.

The total test score is based on the number of raw score points earned on the multiple-choice questions and the scaling of that score. Raw scores are converted to a scale of 100 to 300.

Scoring Constructed Responses

Information about the scoring of constructed responses, including performance characteristics and the score scale, is available in the preparation materials. Select a test from the list below.

How to Read Your Score Report

ILTS Tests

Your score report is provided to you with information about how to read your score report. You can also review score report explanations and annotated score reports by test below.

Score Report Explanations

Select your test to read about your score report.

Annotated Score Reports

Select your test to view a sample that represents the type of score report you will receive and that includes explanations about important score-related information.

Gifted Education (NES®) Test

Examinees who take the NES Gifted Education test to meet Illinois requirements will receive two score reports, which you can also review here: a NES score report with diagnostic information and an Illinois score report that indicates whether the examinee has met the Illinois standard for that test.

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